Giving Back: Our Promise

We confidently commit to creating, developing, & operating on principles of integrity to the global environment, local community, & corporate culture.


We choose to source sustainable products that have the least impact possible on the global environment. This is evident in our use of reusable glassware, ongoing recycling, and cultivation of an on-site organic vegetable garden. We also provide support to nonprofits that focus on coastal upkeep, and partner with companies like Specialty Produce that offer opportunities such as “Waste Not,” a program which collects and donates extra food to the homeless population of San Diego.


We believe in supporting local communities and building relationship-driven businesses. Each of our stores retains strong ties to the surrounding community, and is readily influenced by the local culture and environment in tangible ways. OMG also supports many local initiatives, with particular attention to affiliations such as youth sports leagues; local Susan G. Komen runners; San Diego small businesses, farms and breweries; nearby schools and universities; and community, military, and first responder networks.


We create a thriving corporate culture on the premise that the best and most successful teams are made up of passionate people who care. We choose to invest in the education and development of socially-conscious team members through ongoing initiatives such as the OMG Scholarship Program. Rather than asking our staff to adapt to our way of thinking, we encourage the creative contribution of every team member – offering them the opportunity to inspire and enrich our corporate culture. We also provide fundraising support and backing to many of our staff who have voluntarily chosen to get involved with local nonprofits.

Our Charity Partners

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